BSA Summer Dry Fly Selection

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BSA Local Small Dry Fly Selection. These flies are hand picked by our guides as mainstay small dry flies for the Madison, Henry's Fork, and Yellowstone National Park. This is a great box to throw in your chest pocket for a summer time slosh around $3 Bridge!

This selection includes:

Normal MSRP: $66.95

1 x BSA Small Heavy Duty Waterproof Fly Box ($16.95/Ea) FREE!

2 x JoJo's Comparabuzz Tan Sz. 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x JoJo's PMD Sz. 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Royal Wulff Cripple Sz. 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x JoJo's Riffle Riser PMD Cripple Sz. 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Cornfed Caddis Sz. 14 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Missing Link Caddis PMD Sz. 16 & 14 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Swisher's Peacock PMX Sz. 12 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x JoJo's Rusty Spinner Sz. 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Missing Link Caddis Original Black Sz. 14 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x CDC Para Spinner Rusty Sz. 16 ($2.50/Ea)

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