2020 BSA Big Bug Selection

We start fishing big giant dry flies around these parts starting in early May and fish them with success all the way through the end of July. The shear amount of big stone flies in our local water is mind blowing and this box represents not only those, but also the bigger hoppers. We will often drop a nymph off these big bugs and so this box pairs nicely with the 2020 BSA Nymph Box. This selection of 30 big bugs comes with a free waterproof 5 row slit foam fly box, a BSA sticker, and a BSA pin.

Flies include 3 each of: #6 Water Walker Salmonfly, #8 Water Walker Salmonfly, #4 Henry’s Fork Salmonfly, #8 Henry’s Fork Salmonfly, #6 Royal Stone Walker, #6 Henry’s Fork Golden Stone, #10Henry’s Fork Golden Stone, #6 Water Walker Golden, #8 Water Walker Golden, #10 Chubby Black and Tan

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