BSA Patagonia Essential Fly Selection

BSA Patagonia Essential Fly Selection
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This is a hand picked selection of flies for any day down in the Patagonia region of Argentina or Chile. From dry flies to streamers this box will have you covered if it's the only thing you remember to pack for flies.

After years of fishing and guiding in Patagonia, J3 (Jonathan, Justin and Joe) went through the fly bins here at the shop and hand picked their favorite flies for the rivers between San Martin and Esquel in Argentina and Region X in Chile.  Time after time we have seen anglers show up in Patagonia with the wrong flies.  Why travel 6000 miles and show up with a subpar box of bugs? This selection works throughout the entire season down south and is full of dry flies, tungsten bead heads and a solid selection of streamers including Jonathan’s tried and true Pancora Crab.  For the past few years we have been putting together custom boxes for our travel customers, generally we send them along with a few more but this selection is a fantastic start.  If you’re headed down to Patagonia this winter, or any winter for that matter, give us a shout and we will out line the gear you will need.  Our selection comes with a total of 20 dry flies, 14 nymphs and 17 streamers for $150 including the box.


This selection includes:

Normal MSRP: $182.13

1 x BSA Waterproof Fly Box ($29.95/Ea) FREE!

1 x Barely Legal Articulated Streamer ($5.99/Ea)

2 x Olive Crystal Rubber Leg Wooly Bugger ($2.99/Ea)

2 x Sculpin Sparkle Minnow ($3.99/Ea)

2 x BFE Black Streamer ($3.99/Ea)

2 x BFE Olive Streamer ($3.99/Ea)

2 x Tungsten BH Bouface Leech Olive ($3.99/Ea)

2 x Tungsten BH Bouface Leech Black ($3.99/Ea)

4 x BSA Pancora Crab ($3.99/Ea)

2 x Royal Water Walker Sz. 6 ($2.99/Ea)

3 x Chubby Chernobyl Black and Tan Sz. 6 ($2.99/Ea)

2 x The Donna Beatle Sz. 8 ($2.99/Ea)

1 x Swisher Peacock PMX Sz. 12 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x JoJo's Chubinator Sz. 14 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Arrick's Para Cinnamon and Black Ant Sz. 14 & 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x CDC Para Spinner PMD Sz. 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Hi-Vis Rusty Spinner Sz. 14 & 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Missing Link Caddis Red Sz. 14 & 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Para Purple Haze Sz. 16 ($2.50/Ea)

4 x Arizona Hares Ear Nymph Natural Sz. 14 & 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Arizona Hares Ear Nymph Olive Sz. 14 ($2.50/Ea)

4 x Tactical RL Pheasant Tail Nymph Sz. 14 & 16 ($2.50/Ea)

2 x Tungsten BH Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph Sz. 14 ($2.99/Ea)

1 x Tungsten Bead San Juan Worm Red ($2.99/Ea)

1 x Tungsten Bead San Juan Worm Natural ($2.99/Ea)


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