BSA New Zealand Category 3 Fly Co. Selection

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BSA New Zealand Category 3 Fly Co. Selection.  Assortment of flies for New Zealand hand-selected by head guide and co-owner Jonathan Heames and most excellent New Zealand guide, Sean Andrews. These custom flies from Sean's company, Category 3 Flies, are currently exclusively available online in the US through Big Sky Anglers.  This selection was born on a rainy day in New Zealand when not a trout was to be found with one cyclone backing into another over the north island; Jonathan and Sean sat down and decided to put their minds to building the “NZ Essentials” box to properly equip the Kiwi-bound angler with what they’ll need to have a sporting chance on both the north and south islands. If you’re headed to New Zealand with this selection in hand, rest assured that you’ll arrive with a tidy selection of flies that are tried and true, tested over many years on wary kiwi trout.  This comprehensive selection comes neatly organized in a waterproof box, especially with New Zealand angling in mind.


- BSA Fly Box

- 101 Tung. Stonefly Nymph #10 x3

- 101Tung. Stonefly Nymph #12 x3

- Pole Position Tung. Nymph #12 x3

- Pole Position Tung. Nymph #14 x3

- All Black Tung. Nymph #14 x3

- Flashback PT Tung. UV Nymph #14 x3

- Hoover Tung. Nymph #12 x3

- Prince of UV Tung. Nymph #14 x3

- Cheeky Fella Olive Tung. Nympn #12 x3

- Big T Caddis Tung. Nymph #14 x3

- Trailer Trash Ant #14 x3

- Tricky Situation Parachute #12 x3

- Tricky Situation Parachute #14 x3

- Blowfly #12 x3

- 5x5 #10 x3

- Moondance #12 x3

- Olive Woomfah #8 x3

- Olive Woomfah #10 x3

- Black Woomfah #8 x3

- Black Woomfah #10 x3

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